Komatsu HD785-7


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Ref: P809TR717 P809TR719 P809TR720 P809TR721 CPE/TR716
Model: HD785-7 HD785-7 HD785-7 HD785-7 HD785-7
Year: 2009 2008 2008 2008 2009
Hours: 12,558 16,430 16,435 17,027 10,585
Serial Number KMTHD023H29008037 KMTHD0023026007493 KMTHD0023T26007492 KMTHD023L26007521 KMTHD023E29008038


Ref: P809TR722 P809TR723 P809TR724 CPE/TR716
Model: HD785-7 HD785-7 HD785-7 HD785-7
Year: 2006 2006 2006 2009
Hours: 15,941 15,544 16,009 10,585
Serial Number KMTHD023L26007082 KMTHD023K26007012 KMTHD023N61A10006 KMTHD023E29008038

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